Official Statliners site launch announcement

Welcome to Statliners! If you’re looking for a site that can bring you top-notch baseball writing with a tendency to lean toward the analytical, you’ve come to the right place.

With our launch this upcoming Monday, September 12th, 2016, we’ll be bringing you a host of talented baseball writers—some you may know from other places, and some that will be new to you.

My name is Ryan Davis, and I’ll be building this site from the ground up with the help of several dedicated writers and the rest of the team at FanSided.

If you don’t know me, I’m a freelance writer with work that has appeared on the Chicago Tribune’s online sports page, Sports on Earth,, as well as regular writing for FanRag Sports, Baseball Prospectus, BP Wrigleyville, and The Cheat Sheet. This is a big step for me, personally, and I’m looking forward to growing in all aspects—writing, editing, and managing the site.

Our staff isn’t looking to bombard you with a ton of stats that you won’t understand or talk down to you for not knowing them. Statliners, in this incarnation with me as the Site Expert, is intended to bring you strong and interesting baseball writing that helps the average fan take his/her knowledge to an above-average level.

Our goal is to learn how to better analyze the game and to bring that knowledge to the fans in a fun and interesting way. That could range anywhere from player evaluation, game recaps, top-25 lists, informational pieces on new advanced stats, or staff collaboration on a baseball related topic. We’ll do our best to mix it up!


We may not always be right, and you may not always agree with what we have to say, but we’re going to be honest and forthright in our evaluations of players, the game, and how it’s analyzed. We aren’t looking to change the game, but to leave you thinking when you’re done reading our work.

That isn’t to say that there won’t be errors. I’m not perfect, and by extension the things you see may not be perfect, either. But I can promise that I’ll continue to work hard, not only for the site but with its writers, to bring you good, interesting, and authentic analysis of Major League Baseball and anything affiliated.

Again, welcome to Statliners, and thanks for reading. Let’s build a great community together.